Paintball Comparison

Paintball Comparison


Paintball should be an experience that is unforgettable. You want to enter a world where you can scale sniper towers, storm a prison compound and battle across zombie graveyards.
Above all else you want a day that is entertaining and safe.

Would you rather play with professionals in a fully immersive paintball experience, or be left with no guidance, safety supervision or tutorial?

Would you rather play in game zones with rusty nails and risk a serious tetanus infection, or play on professionally built game zones?

Comparison Table


other local
purpose built game zones,
built by professionals, with
your enjoyment in mind

professionally trained staff,
which will guide and cater
games to suit your skill level

atsm certified safety masks

ce certified safety masks

full length combat suit with
padded neck protector

ventilated body armour made
from memory foam allowing
for a free range of movement

full and valid public liability
insurance based on accurate

full head protection mask

age specific masks for children

safely entertained over 5
million players over 25+ years
of operation

trusted paintball provider for
members of the royal family,
international rock stars, film and
tv celebrities, and sporting legends

Safety Equipment

Delta Force Paintball Standards


Other Local Paintball Providers ‘Safety’ Standards


Would you rather play in equipment that has been custom designed for your safety, or with home made equipment that doesn’t meet New Zealand regulations? Delta Force offers custom designed globally approved paintball-specific goggles, full length combat suits, padded neck protectors, rigid body armour, riot shields and top of the range paintball weapons.

Delta Force Battle Generals

Delta Force Paintball offers a full service with Battle Generals who are there to create the ultimate immersive paintballing experience. Other operators just send you out into the fields on your own without any guidance, support, tutorial or safety supervision.

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