Kids parties & school excursions in Auckland

If you want to teach your kids first-hand about leadership and teamwork then organising a day of paintballing is the perfect way! Get them out onto the paintball field and see them plan their way to victory… they’ll have the time of their lives.

IPG is the world’s largest paintball agency and we’ve sourced the most action-packed paintball centre in Auckland to entertain our IPG customers. Whether you are looking to book a birthday party or a school excursion, there is no better venue to host these paintball parties than Woodhill Forest.

Woodhill Forest offers movie-set game zones and incredible safety equipment to ensure that all players are well looked after. Your safety is their paramount concern and they have taken every initiative possible to ensure this.

The paintball centre is the newest in New Zealand to open and it has raised the standard of paintball in the country. No longer do you need to hide behind wooden pallets and hay bales, Woodhill Forest offers the ultimate paintball experience for players of all ages.

Easily accessible and with the very best equipment and facilities, it will truly be a day to remember for all involved. The great thing about paintball is that you don’t need any previous experience and it caters to players of different athletic abilities. Every team needs their own attackers and defenders, and each team needs to utilise their strengths to defeat the opposition.

If you are limited by time constraints or on a strict budget, please contact us on 0800 667 118 and talk to one of our team who will help plan the perfect outing for you and the kids.

All IPG-approved paintball centres offer an exciting, safe, convenient and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy an action-packed day of paintball adventure.

Kids paintball parties are without a doubt some of the most action-packed parties of the year!